Custom DTF Prints

**Artwork requirements**

  • Files MUST be minimum 300dpi up to 900 dpi with a transparent background
  • Acceptable file types: pdf, png, tif, jpg, jpeg & zip
  • Please send artwork the exact size you want it printed.  If your not familiar with adjusting the image, I can adjust them for you for an additional $10 (just check the option)
  • Send your image as a CMYK file.  If you send as an RGB, we will convert it to CMYK as that is what the printer prints.  When your designing, make sure its in CMYK that way the colors will be exact.  We are not responsible for color mismatches due to files being incorrect.
  • Please make sure outlines are at least 2 pts if you design your own images.
  • Your sizing will be approximate to what you choose from the longest part of the image.
  • If these will be pressed onto a black garment and your image has black in it, choose the option that states "Knock out Black".  That way black won't be printed on your image and will be a much softer feel (the black garment will take place of the black ink) 

Due to the increasing frequency of trademark registration applications and infringement allegations, you are solely responsible for determining if any designs are trademarked or have any legal limitations for your intended usage.  By purchasing the custom option, you verify that you are the original designer or have purchased the original designers POD license.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us @